No Redemption

by Hounds of Hate

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Katorga Works 14


released November 15, 2011




Hounds of Hate Braddock, Pennsylvania

Braddock/Brooklyn Straight Edge Hardcore Punk. LBCT, BDSE, BHF, KW, PKR.

braddockhitfactory[dot]bigcartel[dot]com for merch for shows, and all other inquires.

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Track Name: Intro/No Redemption
in the dying light i see no redemption for the world and its lost souls in the dying light i see no redemption as the world i knew burns whole cursed to survive in these last days and times holding the weight of a conscious mind too late to ask for a meaning to life searching to find but there's no hope can't hide praying to live again dying to feel hoping for anything this can't be real never saw your life ending like this no redemption in a dying world no escape from this hell we've built just turn around and watch it burn destruction in my eyes fear pounds in my heart no shelter from the storm the world falls apart searching for a sign no hope end times i know the lies that hide the truth try as you might struggle and fight our fate is sealed like a tomb
Track Name: Blood from a Stone
i'm down and out but what the fuck do you take me for some worthless shill living life at your beck and call tired of life too scared to die looking to me for a reason why taking the blood from a stone and you steal all i have don't hold your breath for me to save you from yourself no part of me that's left to break your fucking fall i know the games you play cheap and petty ways you had a better chance of getting blood from a stone not on my watch taking the blood from a stone.
Track Name: Cast Out
i'm the one you've grown to hate through the years of abuse pariah to the world I know because i got the truth cast out you think you know you fucking don't cast out and proud don't have a clue don't have the right to judge me and to judge my life take a look at me now go ahead and think the worst you're sure to be right a self-fulfilling prophecy that i can't even fight what the fuck do you know STRAIGHT EDGE
Track Name: The Evil that Men Do
the evil the men do has a life of its own foolish enough to think that i couldn't know can't forgive what i can't forget and a score i haven't settled is one i haven't yet spineless rat you try to hide behind my name claiming on the rest of us cause your afraid always safe behind a human shield to juvenile to come to grips to fucked to deal the evil that men do comes back the evil that men do lives on push and push your luck to far play the advance never again with the second chance and to think you call yourself one of us couldn't earn my respect let alone my trust one way or another this life or the next you're going to get yours you two-faced fuck the evil that men do comes back three-fold the time has come for you to reap what you've sewn the time has come justice be done
Track Name: Born Alone
thrown into the chaos of a world that's going under i gotta find my way out this life won't medicate my mind away like all the other kids trudging through the day like the dead but i found my brothers forever in my heart and the strength that will never leave my side too young to understand naive enough to promise we swore we'd never sell out never grow old born alone to a world that won't understand these drug free youth all we've got in this life is our word and our bond i swore it was enough born alone to a world that can't keep us down and we're still coming up is it enough but am i my brother's keeper when he can't keep his word my patience out like a light a bond of trust has been abused we war amongst ourselves there's less of us all the time more than enough to fight and oppose what's left for us to defend falling in to hate with you the years taking their toll was it enough looking back over my shoulder no one in sight i'm the last one standing